Kindred is a parent-led organisation. We ensure that 50% or more of our trustees are parents of children with disabilities, and currently 
10 of our 12 staff are parents of children with disabilities and long term conditions. Since being established in 1991 Kindred has ensured that every decision about service delivery and direction are taken from the perspective of a parent.

Last year we supported over 880 families over our services, which include:

Kindred provides practical information, advocacy, emotional support and guidance. We support families of severely ill and/or disabled children to:

In addition to advocacy and information we are very aware of the emotional support needs of families and the impact on parents and siblings of caring for a disabled child. Intrinsic to our ethos and service to parents is upholding and promoting the rights of all children as set out in the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Kindred has worked hard to develop professional standards in all aspects of our work including monitoring and evaluation, governance, external human resources and financial management. We are a unique organisation with high standards of delivery, whilst remaining very much in touch with the needs of people using our service.

Kaia and her mum Laura

Kaia and her mum Laura