This is a non-means tested benefit and replaces Disability Living Allowance (DLA) when the child is approaching 16 years old.

There are two parts to PIP, a Daily Living part (which can be awarded as Enhanced, or Standard) and a Mobility part (Enhanced, or Standard). 

The application form is more than thirty pages and can be stressful for parents to complete. Although some parents do complete it themselves, there are organisations that can help you complete a PIP for your child including Kindred. If you would like assistance completing your child’s PIP application, we offer one on one support at our Edinburgh Head Office where one of our advocacy workers will be on hand to help you through the process. Please contact our Community Team on 0800 031 5793 to make an appointment.

Parents of a child with exceptional healthcare needs who is turned down for higher rate PIP could consider appealing, especially as other important benefits are dependent on the rate of PIP awarded.

PIP rates as at August 2020 are shown below (you can check the most up to date rates here.

Rate Daily Living Mobility
Enhanced rate £89.15 a week £62.25 a week
Standard rate £59.70 a week £23.60 a week

Find out more about PIP eligibility and information about applying here:

You can telephone the Department for Work and Pensions PIP claims line on: 0800 917 2222  

You can also find out about other state benefits here (please note some of these are for England/Wales only and should inform you if that is the case):