Hello fellow parents of children/young people with Autism

A few years ago, when my son was 15 he needed intensive (Tier IV) psychiatric care but he spent many months at home in distress while we waited for help. We need more Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) support for families to avoid long waiting times. There are effective treatments and support. Why should children with learning disability receive less support than other children? There is no justification for allowing our children to suffer.

Please help by urging your MSP to sign Motion S5M-13346 (link given below) in the Scottish Parliament calling for a 9-bed provision and a specialist network in Scotland.

Thank you
Sophie (and Adam)

*You can find out who is your MSP and their contact details here – simply enter your postcode. Please then email your MSP* to support this petition. You can give them this link to find the petition directly:

Watch more of Sophie and Adam’s story and her drive to make a difference for other parents of children with additional needs in this film “Being a Kindred Parent”. (Courtesy of Inspiring Scotland)