Lauren is three and received a brain injury last year.  As a result of the accident she is now peg fed, has a tracheotomy and has quadriplegic motor impairment.

The family were told that there is an eighteen month “golden time” for rehabilitation and have been pouring all the resources they can into helping Lauren, before this time runs out.  Not only are the family still in shock, grieving and trying to come to terms with caring for a child with complex disabilities and her rehabilitation, they also have another two year old son to care for.

A private physiotherapist who had been working with Lauren referred the family to Kindred, once mum had decided to take a career break to focus on her care.

Kindred have helped the family to make the most of the resources available for Lauren by:

  • applying for further funding for private physiotherapy
  • putting them in touch with a local charity who funded a trike for Lauren to get her mobile again
  • providing health advocacy to help them access a third sector therapy specialist who is able to provide focussed intensive therapy

We have since heard that these applications have been successful.

We also approached another charity related to dad’s occupation which proved to be incredibly helpful; while they apply to national charities we have offered to work in partnership with the family to approach smaller local ones. Hopefully together we will raise £10k needed to purchase a piece of therapy equipment for Lauren.


Thank you to Lauren and her family who gave us permission to share their story, current in October 2016



“Lauren and her family have been through so much in recent months. It has been a pleasure to support their efforts to maximise Lauren’s potential and improve her quality of life.”

Jennifer, Kindred Glasgow.