Play and leisure

Many children with disabilities and other additional support needs are socially isolated.  There are many clubs and activities available for children of different ages, interests, and abilities.  Finding the right activity for your child may take some trial and error.  Useful organisations include the Yard and FABB.

Voluntary organisations

There are many voluntary organisations in Scotland and the UK which may be able to provide you with support.  Kindred provides support to families of children with a wide range of medical conditions and additional support needs, but many do not have a diagnosis.  There are lots of organisations which provide specialist information which is conditions specific.  You can speak to your Kindred advocacy worker or ring our Helpline for further information on other organisations and for assistance to make contact.


There are support services for brothers and sisters of children with additional support needs. Siblings find it helpful to meet other children who share their experience of disability in the family. In some areas there are sibling clubs and activities. There may also be support available to the siblings in their own schools.