Making a Will gives you peace of mind that the people you love will be looked after in the event of your death.  Many people also choose to leave a gift in their Will to charities they have felt moved by during their lifetime.  Such gifts are a powerful statement and give support to the causes you care about, after you have passed.

You can support Kindred in your Will by:

  • Leaving us a fixed amount of money
  • Leaving us a specified item of value
  • Leaving us the residue of your money and belongings, after you have made provision for your family or friends.

Making a Will, or updating an existing one, is a straightforward process but we recommend that you consult a solicitor, to ensure that your wishes are correctly recorded.

If you decide to support Kindred’s work in your Will, you will need to include our address and charity number:

Kindred, 7 Rutland Court Lane, Edinburgh EH3 8ES.  Scottish Charity no. 000264.