Kindred’s Right Direction project aims to make Transitions a less daunting process for parents of young people who are about to leave school and move on to adult life.

The project offers

Free events for parents of those 14+ coming up this Autumn with Kindred

  • one to one coaching sessions to support parents feeling particularly worried about how they are going to cope with the changes Transition might bring. You can find out more about our coaching below.
    Although these events and coaching are offered in Edinburgh, people resident in any area in Scotland are welcome to attend.
    We suggest that parents of children aged 14 or over will find these events particularly relevant. However, if your child is younger and you would like to attend events or coaching you would also be welcome. Likewise if your child has already left school but you think the events or coaching may be useful please get in touch. More than ever it is acknowledged that just like for any adult, Transition from school may not go well initially, but that further changes made at a later stage can help someone lead a happier adult life.


    At our informal events parents can meet professionals from other organisations who will speak about the services they offer – from social opportunities out there, to advocacy for young people, advice on benefits, or hiring a Personal Assistant.

    You can also meet other parents and share experiences, tips and ideas: although we know every young person with additional needs is unique, we also know there can be some reassuring common ground for parents.

    See our events page for more details and to book. You can also email [email protected] if you have any queries or suggestions for future topics.

    One to one coaching sessions:

    We are able offer a limited number of one to one sessions to parents who are feeling particularly daunted by the thought of Transition. The purpose of the sessions will be to provide you with a safe place to talk through your concerns. You will also receive some guidance and information to support you taking things forward for your young person and family.

    Our one to one sessions are offered with an external qualified coach and trainer who has worked in the voluntary sector for over 20 years. She is also a parent of a young man with Down’s and ASD, who has recently gone through the transition process himself.

    If you are interested in the one to one sessions please email [email protected]

    The Right Direction and is funded by The Scottish Government’s Support In The Right Direction Fund– we know we can’t tell you what the right direction is but we hope to make the thought of transition less daunting and to help you find out what you need to know to make the choices that feel right for you and your child.


    We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following funder: