On this page you’ll find a list of different funds and grant-giving trusts/charities that you can approach if needed, and some handy hints on applying.

Most of these trust funds require detailed financial information (including copies of wage slips and benefits award letters) and a support letter from a medical professional (such as pediatrician, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, etc.). Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Make sure you match each charity or trust’s eligibility criteria
  • Check the charity or trust’s website for information about application procedure and deadline
  • Send application form online or by post
  • Include support letter or report from professional
  • Detailed financial information may be required
  • Remember to meet the grant deadline
  • Some trust and charities need applications to come through a third party such as Kindred or another organisation
  • If you are applying for a large sum, you’ll probably need to apply to several funders
  • Turn2us can help parents check that they are receiving all the benefits that they are entitled to, and search for trust grants that they can apply to directly

Here are some common trust funds you can apply to directly:

The Adamson Trust

The Administrator, PO Box 7227, Pitlochry, Perthshire, PH16 9AL.

email: edward@elworthy.net

  • Gives financial help with the cost of holidays or respite breaks
  • For young people aged 17 and under with a physical, mental or emotional disability.
  • The Trustees, all from the Crieff area, meet four times a year to decide on grants – in February, May, August and November

Challenger Children’s Fund

Suite 353, 44/46 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, EH10 4BF

Tel: 07531 580414.

e-mail: info@ccfscotland.org

  • grants up to £500 towards maintenance clothing, apparatus, equipment, household appliances, furniture, adaptations to home or garden.
  • Grants may be made for holidays.
  • For physically disabled children aged 18 years and under who are resident in Scotland
  • For people with long-term and significantly disabled through a physical impairment of the musclo-skeletal, neurological or cardio-respiratory system of the body
  • The Committee meets once a month to consider grant applications from local authority and hospital social work departments and from other charities for grants for specific children.

Douglas Hay Trust

John D. Ritchie CA,

Barstow and Millar, Chartered Accountants, Midlothian Innovation Centre, Pentlandfield, Roslin, Midlothian EH25 9RE.

Tel: 0131 440 9030.

e-mail: enquiries@barstowmillar.com

  • grants up to £500 towards for physically disabled children aged 18 years and under who are resident in Scotland
  • gives money for holidays, education, computers etc. It also helps with clothing, bedding, shoes and necessary home improvements
  • The Committee meets once a month to consider grant applications from local authority and hospital social work departments and from other charities for grants for specific children.

Family Fund

Unit 4, Alpha Court, Monks Cross Drive, York, YO32 9WN.

Tel: 01904 550055.

email: info@familyfund.org.uk 

  • The UK’s largest grant-giving organisation helping low-income families caring for children and young people (17 years and under) with severe disabilities or serious illnesses
  • Grant may be made for household appliances, furniture, adaptations to home or garden, or for holidays.
  • Low-income families caring for disabled children can apply once every 12 months

John Watson Fund

Laura Campbell (Trust Administrator)

The Signet Library, Parliament Square, Edinburgh, EH1 1RF.

Tel: 0131 225 0658.

email: lcampbell@wssociety.co.uk

  • grants for educational purposes
  • For children and young people under the age of 21 who have a physical or learning disability, or who are socially disadvantaged.
  • Grant primarily for Edinburgh and the Lothians, and may be awarded Scotland wide depending on each individual case
  • Examples of grants awarded include; dyslexia tuition, School trips, Bus passes, school expenses such as books and equipment, ipads or Laptops where there is a special education need

Radio Forth Cash for Kids ,

Forth House, Forth Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3LE.

Tel: 0131 475 1332.

  • Grants for disadvantaged children and young people aged 18 years and under
  • Dealing with poverty, neglect, disability and distress affecting children across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.
  • Individuals need a letter of support from a GP, Health Visitor, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist or some other professional involved with the child who can support the claim.

Roald Dahl Marvellous Children’s Charity

81a High Street, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, HP16 0AL.

Tel: 01494 890465

  • Children and young adults up to 21 yrs with high rate DLA
  • For specific neurological or haematological conditions only
  • Stronger family programme to support families with low income
  • Grant towards counselling sessions, peer group sessions, art or music therapy sessions, activity days and respite care

Scottish Welfare Fund

Apply by contacting your local council here.

The fund provides two types of grant:

  • Crisis Grants to provide a safety net when someone experiences a disaster or emergency situation, such as a fire or flood and there is an immediate threat to health and safety.
  • Community Care Grants to enable people to live independently or continue to live independently, preventing the need for institutional care. A CCG may also be able to help a family facing exceptional pressure.

To apply for a Crisis Grant or a Community Care Grant you must be 16 or older and on a low income.


SSAFA Central Office, 4 St Dustan’s Hill, London, EC3R 8AD.

Tel: 0845 241 7141.

  • lifelong support to anyone who is currently serving or has ever served in the Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force
  • provides practical and financial support
  • Call The Additional Needs team on 020 7463 9275

Take a Break Scotland

Unit 4, Alpha Court, Monks Cross Drive, York, YO32 9WN.

Tel: 01904 571093.

email: info@takeabreakscotland.org.uk

  • £200 – £500
  • For disabled children and young people aged 0-20 years living in Scotland
  • Can be used for a holiday or family’s days out, sports or camping equipment, fun activities in the UK or overseas
  • A copy of child’s DLA award letter and school support plan should be included with the application

Turn 2 Us

You can contact Turn 2 Us here

Information for carers can be found here

  • Turn 2 Us is a national charity that helps people in financial hardship to gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and support services.
  • They have information specifically for carers, and lots of useful tools like grant searches, benefits calculators and information about other types of help that may be available.