Mhari McLeod, full-time mum and advocacy worker realised earlier in this year of lockdowns and uncertainties,  that she "needed to find something to protect" her own mental health. 

She also wanted to raise awareness and funds about the work that Kindred does with families.  Having received support as a parent in the past, and now working as one of our advocacy workers, Mhari knows the value of what we do and the difference we can make.

So she decided to do a 30 day Wild Swim Challenge in support of our 30th Anniversary year.

Although this event has now passed you can read lots more about what those 30 days entailed on her Just Giving page. 

If you're inspired to do a fundraiser for Kindred we'd love to hear from you! Email [email protected] with your idea or for more information. 

image of Mhari smiling having completed her 30 day swim