As a busy 47 year old woman with a job, two kids, several extra stone hanging about my frame, an aversion to the gym and a 3 biscuit minimum, I was an unlikely candidate for The Kiltwalk. However, when we spoke about doing it to raise some money for Kindred I was all for it and then very quickly I had an idea: If I trained enough could I do the big walk, “The Mighty Stride itself? Did I have those 25 miles in me? I looked at the suggested training schedules and didn’t think I would have the time. I talked to Mhari and Kathy at work. We followed up with a lot of “I’ll do it if you do it with me” for a few weeks. We hemmed and we hawed. For a while we were just going to commit to the middle size walk but then Mhari came in one day and said she’d done it. She’d signed up for the Mighty Stride. I signed up that day and then Kathy came on board too, as did a pal of Mhari’s, Kindred supporter Ana.

We started training about April and by September I was a bit worried that we never walked over 13 miles in one session, sometimes only doing 7 or 8 miles, (apart from a round trip Haymarket to Ratho walk which was tough) but I was assured that we didn’t have to walk a mighty stride equivalent during training.

Come the Kiltwalk day itself I felt great. I’d lost weight, felt fitter than I had in years and the most important for me, for the first time ever, I had set myself a difficult physical goal and achieved it. We had no idea what sort of time we would make, I didn’t care, I just wanted to finish. At about mile 3, I started daydreaming about Macdonald’s fries. 21 miles later, was the best Macdonalds I ever tasted. But what left an even better taste in my mouth is I had raised over £450 for Kindred!

As I sit here in this beautiful spring sunshine, contemplating the up and coming bikini season, I console myself with one thought….. Kiltwalk training starts soon!!!