Toni McGovaney Stewart

Toni McGovaney Stewart is mum to the beautiful Helena. When Helena was born, she was found to have a rare chromosome condition which has meant that Helena has had lots of readmissions to hospital for treatment. It was during one of these admissions that Toni was told about Kindred from one of the nurses on the ward.

Why Toni wants to help Kindred

Kindred have helped us so much, I don't feel they get enough recognition (through funding) so I wanted to do my bit as they do such an amazing job and offer services that no-one else does." This is why I want to fundraise for Kindred

Toni has been supporting Kindred with several fundraisers in recent times, including a quiz and making Christmas Cards. At her quiz night shown in the photo below, Toni raised an amazing £1500! 

Why Toni thinks you should fundraise for Kindred

People should fundraise so families like ours can get support. I don't know where we would be if it wasn't for Kindred. The staff there are fantastic, they have helped me with forms, been a source of information and someone I can talk to when I need support. I would be lost without them.

If you have been inspired by Toni's fundraising and want to help more parents and children with complex needs, please do get in touch with our fundraising team if you want a chat about it. You can contact us at [email protected] 

You can find more ideas on our Start fundraising page and our Set up a fundraising page will give you practical tips on how to set up a fundraiser of your own.