It's more than ten years ago since the McGuires first heard of Kindred. Their initial donation, made in 2012, came to us in accordance with the wishes of a young boy and poet that we had recently supported called Adam Bojelian. From then on Carole and Jim McGuire have been significant supporters of Kindred, whilst always acknowledging that Adam's story inspired them to become so. 

Sadly Adam died in 2015 but his family and the McGuires continue to support Kindred's work in many ways, helping to improve the lives of other children with disabilities and longterm conditions.  We would like to celebrate James and Carole McGuire's generosity and thank them for their loyal support over the last decade.

We learned about Kindred from following media articles about Adam Bojelian success as  “the blinking poet”.  Adam was an inspiration and noting that he had also done some fundraising for Kindred, we were pleased to follow him as donors.   Over the years we had more contact with Kindred and got familiar with their important work.  We are both pleased and proud to be supporting Kindred.  Jim McGuire

Adam as young boy on his trike with his mum and dad

Above: Adam Bojelian, with his mum and dad, training for a sponsored trike ride for Kindred in 2011 around the Meadows by the old Sick Kids children's hospital in Edinburgh.

Zoe and Paul Bojelian, Adam's parents,  continue to campaign for improved lives for children with disabilities and longterm conditions, addressing the importance of law, ethics and communication and integrated healthcare through The Adam Bojelian Foundation CIC. 

Zoe, also known as Dr Zoe Picton-Howell, and Paul would also like to thank Jim and Carole for "all they have done in Adam's name".  Kindred too would like to celebrate their decade of giving and also thank them on behalf of Kindred families for their loyal support.