Families with a disabled member are more likely to be in poverty. This is particularly true for families where an adult is disabled, however having a child with a disability also has a significant financial impact.  

Kindred Director Sophie Pilgrim will be one of the guest speakers at this upcoming event from The Improvement Service together with Public Health Scotland and The Scottish Government. She will share her insights into reaching out to families with a disabled member.  Other expert speakers will be looking at the latest research and data findings relating to child poverty and disability within households. 

Overall, 42% of children in relative poverty in 2017-20 were in a family with at least one disabled person. Around three-quarters of these are also in at least one other priority group for tackling child poverty.

This event will aim to:

  • increase understanding of the correlation between poverty child poverty (and wider poverty) and households with a disabled member
  • consider approaches to understanding the needs of disabled households in your community

Free to attend,  this webinar is aimed at those working to develop their approach to address poverty and inequality in local areas and services. 

Monday 27th September 2021, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Click here for full details and to register interest.