“We both finished. Steve came in at 2:59 and Meg at 4:59”

Megan and Steven had two big events planned in 2019: the first to run the full Edinburgh Marathon.

Perhaps the 26.2 miles was a bigger challenge for Megan who, unlike Steve, was not a seasoned marathon runner but as you’ll see from the photo, they both succeeded celebrating, before moving on to their second event, an even bigger day, their wedding!

“Kindred is an Edinburgh based charity close to our hearts.”

We were so touched that Steve and Meg chose to ask their friends and family to donate to Kindred as a way of celebrating their marathon achievement and their marriage. They raised over £5,160 to support our work , sharing the joy of both their big days with other families they don’t even know but who they understand need a little help.

Steve and Megan on their wedding day

We would like to wish the lovely couple our continued congratulations, thanks and best wishes for whatever they decide to do next.

If Megan and Steve’s story has inspired you do something for Kindred please let us know.