Sophie Pilgrim listening to a parent

We may not be able to meet face to face just now but Kindred is still listening.

Dear parents

We are here – please just call if you need to talk.

We know the last six weeks has been extremely difficult for many of you. It is particularly hard for families of children with complex needs who are ‘shielding’ and have gone into strict self-isolation. Another group of families who have extra demands are those with children with autism and ADHD and who find the restrictions on movement difficult and confusing.

How can Kindred help?
Our staff have contacted most families who use our service with a phone call, text or email. Please get in touch to discuss your individual circumstances. We can discuss the support you are receiving and help you to contact your social worker or your school. If you are struggling with your child’s behaviour and you are unable to reach CAMHS, we can talk through your strategies and direct you to reliable resources. Sometimes it helps just to talk things through. Some families tell us that their child is really enjoying being at home with no pressure from the outside world. It is good to hear all your experiences, whether good or bad.

Families who are shielding
Some families have received a ‘shielding letter’ from the government indicating that their child is vulnerable and they should take measures to strictly avoid the risk of contracting Covid-19. But many families have not received the letter. Your child might be quite unique and their condition may not be included on the shielding list. Some families have chosen to self-isolate because they know their child is at risk. Other families are seeking individual advice. Please ring our staff if you would like to talk through your circumstances. We can share with you the information we have gathered from talking to many other parents.

Children with exceptional healthcare needs
We have set up a range of support related to Covid-19 if your child meets the criteria for ‘exceptional healthcare needs’ (i.e they are tube-fed or ventilated and have other complex needs). Please get in touch to find out more if your child meets the CEN criteria.

Kindred’s regular service
All our regular services have been adapted to the Coronavirus situation. Our staff are working from home and we are still able to provide:
• Assistance with benefits (Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Universal Credit, Carers Allowance)
• Assistance with trust grant funding for aids and equipment
• Information and support on statutory care (education, health and social work)
• Support to families who are being discharged from the Royal Hospital for Sick Children Edinburgh (Sick Kids)

For any support or assistance, please contact your advocacy worker by telephone or email. Or even if you just need to talk.

We are here.

Sophie and the Team at Kindred