The benefits of working in partnership with us: 

  • Your support will demonstrate your company’s ethical values and generate goodwill from your customers, suppliers and the wider community
  • A partnership with Kindred will help to motivate your staff, enhance morale, and provide opportunities for meaningful team-building activities
  • Your staff will gain a deeper understanding of important social issues and your company will be fulfilling a valuable corporate social responsibility.

Kindred can provide you and your staff with:

  • Case study stories, explaining exactly what the need is and how much difference your support will make
  • Fun and creative ideas for fundraising activities
  • Help with publicising your company’s support and generating coverage of your staff’s achievements.
  • A copy of our most recent annual report, it is available here

Some businesses also help staff make a monthly donation through the Give as You Earn scheme.

Supermarkets and department stores

Most large retailers run schemes to support local good causes.  If you work for one, or are a regular customer, we’d love it if you would nominate Kindred!

If you wish to discuss how you and your colleague's can support us, come speak to the friendly Kindred team.

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